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Home PC Apex Legends legendary challenges will start today

Apex Legends legendary challenges will start today

by Aftab Ahmed

Apex Legends Legendary Hunt LTM starts today  with pretty cool stuff up for the grabs.

Those folks who like a real challenge can get those skins. The Legendary hunt LTM is due to begin at around 6 pm BST/ 1 pm ET/ 10 am PT and we’ll let you know if there’s going to be any downtime for the update.

Players who own the Wild Frontier Battle Pass will automatically get the Legendary Honored Prey R-301 skin, and if you reach Battle Pass level 15 before the end of the LTM you’ll get the Wraith-Night Terror Legendary skin.

If you manage to complete all the challenges, you’ll be rewarded with the Epic Master of the Hunt Bloodhound skin.

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