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How to clean a PC properly yourself

by Aftab Ahmed

Everyone will think after reading the title of the article that the writer is a complete noob to the PCMR and we can always put lot’s of dust filters and not bother cleaning for a year or maybe more. Well, guess what even with dust filters at every vent of PC you can’t keep the dust out still I would recommend dust filters which are readily available everywhere. A lot of people nowadays face this issue and are afraid to take matters in their own hands afraid that they might damage something or destroy something and get help from a buddy or pay someone to do it professionally even though this happens pretty rarely still today I am gonna address this issue.    

Things needed to clean a PC

By proper cleaning I mean to say that using cans of compressed air or in some cases, people tend to use low-speed blowers also.

cans of compressed air

Paintbrush small and medium or even large can come handy each size has its perks too and with these, you can clean almost all location.

Paint brushes

Alcohol swaps to clean CPU paste or perfume on a tissue does the job also. But the recommended method is Alcohol swabs as they don’t spread like perfume spray spreads.

Alcohol Swabs

Microfiber cloth as it’s the only cloth (that I know of doesn’t leave residue or particles) and most are anti-static so safe to use on your GPU and rams cleaning

Microfiber Cloth

Step by step the process of cleaning a PC

  • First of all just to be on the safe side you should take out all the bulky hardware like GPU, rams, CPU cooler and put it on a plastic surface.
  • To keep it a bit easy don’t completely remove wires from the PSU only remove from the hardware and keep it dangling.
  • Use blower at slow to mid-speed to clear all the hard dust from the casing.
  • Use blower at mid speed to clean PSU and GPU and don’t worry about any issues because GPU fans spin at a much faster speed when in operational
  • I would advise you to use blower at high speed on your CPU radiator/heatsink to clean it also and in some models, you can wash it with water but be really careful while handling the rad pipes as they can come off or leak with a bit of extra pressure.
  • Mildly wet cloth and rinse it an extinct that’s only moist you can use it to clean the outside and inside of the casing. The PSU top can also be cleaned with it.
  • The paint brushes are used to clean the narrow and otherwise inaccessible places like the corners of the motherboard because most people don’t remove the motherboard every time they clean a PC or sometimes never unless changing hardware. The paintbrush main benefit is they are sleek and slim so they can enter any part you like to clean with it. And it does the job properly
  • The alcohol swaps are for your processor whenever you remove the cooler the thermal paste needs to be cleaned thoroughly and alcohol is the best thing to use to remove it but if you don’t have any or don’t want to spend the extra buck you can always use perfume on a piece of tissue it does the job also. When applying thermal paste do keep in mind only a pea-sized drop is needed on the pro then seat the cooler.
  • You use microfiber because it is soft due to that no scratches come anywhere and if does not have any residue you can use it to clean monitor also.

The last thing I would like to add is kindly refrain from using moist cloth on PC hardware like GPU, motherboard, and rams specifically as it can cause permanent damage to the hardware.

Pros of cleaning your PC from time to time

  • Your hardware life increases                                                                      
  • You will see a lot of temperature decrease
  • The looks are very sexy
  • The sound of your system will decrease a lot and in some cases turn it completely silent
  • The resale value is not decreased that much
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