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EA to address toxic and bullies in online gaming
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EA commits to addressing the issue of bullying and toxicity in gaming

by Aftab Ahmed

EA in it’s EA play event of E3 invited 200 of it’s game changers, the people with most influnce in the industry folks like streamers and blogers and such. The event was called Build Healthy Communities Summit.

They were given a survey in which 60 percent of the gaming community have faced online bullying or toxicity. “While this negative experience has largely been normalized up until this point, this is a time to challenge the status quo in pursuit of a safer, more inclusive gaming experience,” senior director of global community engagement Adam Tanielian wrote. 

“Similar to our game development process, these closed-door sessions allowed us to bring our players in early in the process for honest feedback that can be pressure tested by the people who run and live in the communities themselves,” Tanielian wrote. “The personal stories and opinions that were shared will help as we move forward in the coming months on each of these initiatives, and we’ll be sharing feedback in actions in the coming months on how we are addressing.” 

Combating in-game bullying and toxicity is a major focus for us across all of EA. They want to build on existing efforts and increase our contribution to our community through actions that make a difference. As shared at the close of the Summit, our commitments include:

  1. Working with our players to develop a Building Healthy Communities Player Council that will provide ongoing feedback into EA programs, policies, and platforms, including additional avenues for community feedback.
  2. Exploring new toxicity tools and in-game features to more easily manage and effectively report disruptive behavior in our services.
  3. Keeping the community informed on a quarterly basis about the progress we are making and new initiatives underway to mitigate toxic communities through periodic Community Health Reports.

“We are committed to the challenge. We have to be,” Tanielian wrote. “We’ve built amazing communities in and around our games, and we’re proud to be part of the global community that exists between game players around the world. We have to make it safe and fun for everyone. We look forward to working with you to make that happen.”   

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