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How to replace thermal paste properly

by Aftab Ahmed

Once in your race to PCMR after a certain period your PC performance starts dropping like PC lagging due to high temps of CPU well that’s your queue to replace your thermal paste. The main reason behind thermal paste replacement after a certain period is long hours of thermal paste can get mighty hard depending on how long it has been applied for.

  • Clean your CPU heatsink or CPU as clean as possible the best things to use to clean are alcohol saps or rub some perfume as most are alcohol based on a tissue/microfiber cloth and rub the residue off properly until the surface shining. Make sure to use as less liquid as possible so that it doesn’t make the CPU or the heatsink wet. Do not use any other cleaners on either your CPU or heatsink as they are conductive and can leave behind residue.
  • To remove the paste, first, wipe the surface with the dry cloth to remove as much of the big pieces as you can. Then apply a small amount of alcohol directly to the cloth; while not as important when working with the heatsink, it’s still a good idea to avoid making a mess as it can enter the CPU pins also if a person is careless. Wipe the remaining thermal paste and reapply the alcohol as needed. It should look as shiny as a new look like.
  • As you can see the CPU as clean as possible now you can peacefully apply new CPU paste the main trick behind that is apply a pea size drop on your CPU and then put the cooler on it. I have shared links of the best CPU paste you can use. I would strongly recommend you use one of these as using local or Chinese unbranded pastes can be fatal and in 90 percent of cases useless plus can damage to your CPU surface and in some cases, they don’t even come off.
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