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Home PC Super Mario Bros gets a battle royale mode

Super Mario Bros gets a battle royale mode

by Aftab Ahmed

The famous game which every true 90s kid played. Well, it’s not that same now but guess what I don’t care it’s still a classic.

It has a battle royale. So move along Fortnite, PUBG, and Apex the big league is here. The Battle Royale is a browser-based game with 100 players and they have to race to the end of the world but you can damage them with Koopa shells, or break the block they’re standing on to send them tumbling down. Power-ups are shared, so only one player can grab that crucial mushroom.

The game can be played with controller or keyboard which ever you prefer

“What I’ve done here is a true sin,” says creator InfernoPlus as i was writing this article there were about 521 players playing the game. Wanna give it a try ? Here is the link:

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