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Gears of War 5 won’t have gear packs or season pass

by Aftab Ahmed

These days Season Passes and in game Gear packs have triggered the community a lot. If you ask me in the right way.

Gamer’s pay full price for a game and still don’t get the complete that’s just unfair and the most annoying thing is pay to win you get a OP weapon buy just paying or grinding like a idiot.

So back to the topic Gears of wars said

In Gears 5, our goal is to create a player-first experience when it comes to in-game content, and it starts with this:

  • No Season Pass
  • No Gear Packs
  • DLC Maps are free for matchmaking and Private Play
  • Exclusive earnable content in the all-new Tour of Duty system
  • All store purchases are direct, no RNG so you always know what you will get

We’ve committed to delivering more earnable content than ever before through an extensive new system called Tour of Duty. You take on Daily Challenges and seasonal Medals to rank up and earn customization content (including character skins).

The path to each piece of content earnable is clear – you will know what you need to do to earn each specific customization item. In addition, there is no ‘Premium’ pay-only content for Tour Of Duty.

Tour of Duty will also run in a seasonal format, delivering brand new content and challenges to chase every season.

In addition to Tour of Duty, you’ll also directly earn rewards in other ways, such as leaderboard placements in Escape or Versus.


With Supply Drops, every minute you play (across every multiplayer mode) contributes towards a random item drop from a unique pool of content we call Supply.

If you draw a duplicate card, we’ll automatically turn it into Scrap. Scrap can be spent on crafting Supply items you don’t have or character skills you want to upgrade.

Supply Drops and Supply Drop Content cannot be purchased with real-world money.


Exclusive customization content can be bought with a premium in-game currency called Iron. Iron is purchased with real world currency.

You will also be able to earn a limited amount of Iron through each Tour of Duty to spend in content in the Store.

Content found in the store is direct purchase, meaning what you see is what you get. No Gear Packs, no randomness.

We are committed to ensuring we preserve a fair competitive environment across our modes, so there will be no items in the store that provide a competitive advantage for real-money purchasers, i.e. no pay to win.


Boost is a new optional purchasable in Gears 5 that provides accelerated progression for a period of real-world time (e.g. 1 Day, 7 Days, etc.).

Boost offers the following benefits:

  • Double Multiplayer XP
  • Double Character XP for Escape & Horde
  • Double speed Supply Drop Progression

Boost is not required to earn or unlock any content.

Details from Gears 5

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