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The impact of the recent dollar spike on the gamers of Pakistan

by Uzair Ahmed

Ever since the new government won, the dollar has increased more than 25% to its current value since then. It is currently at 164 Pkr. Although this sudden increase in the dollar rate has been affecting the economy to a great extent but we will be talking about its impact on the gamers.

Now let’s start from the basics. The majority of the young generation of Pakistan likes gaming, some play it for fun and some to pursue a professional career in Esports. Being a hardcore gamer and a Dota player myself I can safely say that the competitive gaming in Pakistan has been increasing drastically. There is a lot of hidden talent in Pakistan which cannot be highlighted due to certain limitations, one of them being the lack of good computer hardware.

If you were to buy computer hardware anytime before August 2018, it would not be that hard because the dollar was moving in the field of 124 to 130 Pkr not this much high and everything was pretty much affordable but ever since the recent spike in the dollar rate, each and every computer equipment has had immense increase in the price making them nearly unaffordable for the common audience. There are a lot of gaming enthusiasts in Pakistan who would do anything for their passion. But at least for gamers like me, it has become really hard to buy new gaming equipment.

That was all related to the hardware side of the gaming, now the other side is the software side which includes all the original games and software, there are a lot of people in Pakistan or you can say the majority which prefers using pirated software and games instead of buying them and supporting the developers. But still there are certain games and software for which one has to pay, one big example is the recent trending game Player’s unknown battleground or PUBG (pronounced as paaabji in Pakistan) which is one of the favorites of the Pakistani games. Other than this there are many other games and software which are paid and cannot be cracked, due to the great increase in the dollar rate it has become very hard for the computer enthusiasts to purchase them.

Anyway steam summer sale is up since 25th June and there are a lot of irresistible deals, steam summer sale is one of the biggest sales on the original games. It was the perfect opportunity for gamers like me to purchase games at a rather affordable price, I had a lot of games in wishlist but I don’t think I will be getting any this year due to the recent spike in the dollar rate.

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