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How to get better at any Competitive FPS Game

by SpartaNNNN

Some players are really bad at FPS games. Now, there are many reasons why some players are not good at competitive FPS Games. The Major factor is that most of the good or professional players have a long gaming background. If you take a look at many professional CS Players, you’ll note that most of them are playing since childhood. NiP Get_Right is playing Counter-Strike from 1998. FaZe Olofomiester started playing Counter-Strike when he was only 8. It’s very important to know that good aiming and game sense comes from consistency and longevity. So you might be wondering “Hey I just started playing FPS games, what should I do?”. Well, everyone can get better with time, thus I’ve prepared a few tips that turned out to be very effective for some players.

I’ll discuss all Essential factors to improve your skills in any competitive games.


A Noble Gaming Chair specially designed for gaming

Its the most basic and important factor while playing any competitive game. You should always adjust your self to the best comfort when gaming. Comfort is important because it helps you in staying consistent. Suppose you are playing Counter-Strike or Fortnite for 5 straight hours, you need to feel very comfortable and steady. Make sure that you are seated properly in a chair, if you need a better chair, consider buying a DxRacer or Esports chair. Your hand movement on mousepad would only work properly if you are feeling comfortable. The movement of the mouse is very dependent on your comfort. The basic precision also comes from comfort, you are able to move your hand smoothly. Suppose you are just sitting on a chair and you don’t feel comfortable at all, this means that your reflexes and reactions won’t be accurate. Consider taking a look at these pictures on how to adjust yourself for gaming.

Other aspects of comfort include seating, placement, right grip, and eyesight.
Seating is pretty hard to manage, mainly because of the adjustments. Your chair should always slide inside the table because you need to stay close to your mousepad and desk. It’ll increase your control over the mouse, keyboard, and mousepad. Your chair height should also be on par with the table, a little bit above the table would also do. This allows your arm to rest from top to bottom on the table. If your chair height would be below the table, thus you will feel pretty tired after a couple of hours, considering that your arm would be against gravity. To make it pretty clear, it means that you will always be raising your hand to adjust it on the table.

The placement of your mouse and keyboard matters a lot. There are a few placements that pros have tried over the years. The Curved Keyboard and Vertical Mousepad is the most popular one. However I’ll post photos of all types, thus you can try most of them. You should remember that staying precise and comfortable should be your key. The placement matters a lot, I’d recommend to change your settings and find the most suitable one. The second factor in terms of placement is your mouse and monitor position. The monitor position is mostly dependent on your in-game Field of view ( FOV ). If you have high FOV, you need to keep the monitor close to your eyesight. You’ll see the action very closely, it’ll also increase your focus towards the game. Additionally, keeping the monitor close also helps spotting enemies and increases visuals. Reflexes also improve significantly.

Coming back to mouse placement, well your mouse should adjust in the middle. I’ve seen many professional players keeping the mouse on edges, however its a very rare case. Keeping mouse right on top of the mousepad is also preferred by many players. I have personally kept it in the middle because it has always helped me in staying consistent. Utilizing all the surface on the mousepad is very important. The main reasons are that controlling recoil, good reflexes all depends on the grip over the mousepad. Low sensitivity players usually utilize every inch of the mousepad, well usually they are the best, aren’t they? Here are few photos on how you can adjust your mouse placement over your mousepad. Give it a brief look and do some tweaks in your settings.

Right Hardware


This is something that I think is an ultimate game changer right here. I’ve seen people buying Zowie and Logitech mouse because they look expensive and look good? well, this is a miss-conception. Every person has a different hand size, thus every mouse you see has a different grip. You should consider looking at these grips and consider buying the most suitable mouse accordingly. I purchased Logitech G402, however, after playing for a couple of weeks I realized that my hand is pretty smaller. Thus I changed to the Logitech G302. The downgrade was worth it because It suited my hand.


Gaming monitors offer a lot of benefits. The smoothness and reaction time on a 144/240hz is simply amazing. It’s a huge upgrade from a 60hz monitor. Gaming monitors offer a very positive change. I’ve seen a huge improvement in my game, thus I’d always recommend buying the 144/240hz monitors because of their ability to improve your reflexes. It also offers additional smoothness, however, you need a good gaming PC to keep up with the refresh rate.


Recently a lot of players switched from these good looking big keywords to smaller ones. The main reason is that these number-less keyboards offer more control and grip. The small keyboards are very light, you can re-position very easily. It also allows more space for the monitor if you plan to keep it close. I’d prefer getting something light and small. This is a personal preference, however, in recent years, I’ve seen many players switching to lightweight and number-less keyboards.

Premium Headphones offer the best footsteps and sound direction. Again, it improves your game significantly, because of the accuracy it offers in sound. In ears are also good, they are extremely accurate, however, the headphones offer good noise-cancellation and comfort. They also offer a good mic. Headsets like Logitech G633/HyperX Cloud 2 are very popular among competitive players. They offer very good sound in a good budget. Any Gaming headset above these would be even better. This includes the HyperX Revolver S/Cloud Alpha and others. Considering these factors, if you have a high budget, I’d suggest buying in ears and a separate mic. Bose qc20 is very popular and good in-ears for gaming.

FPS is utterly the most important factor in this article. If you have a decent PC, you’ll be able to achieve the 144hz greatness. This means that your FPS would be able to keep up with the refresh rate. If your PC isn’t up to mark, you’ll notice stutters because of FPS Drop. Thus, your movement will be pretty bad. This sort of issue can be solved with a good PC or Freesync/Gsync Technology. These both features can settle the Refresh rate accordingly to FPS. Suppose your FPS Drops to 70, the refresh rate will automatically change to 70, thus no stutters will happen. After all, your main requirement would be a smooth gameplay. This will improve your reflexes and help you in staying consistent.


From the past few years, I’ve seen lots of CS Players using Widescreen and custom resolutions. However, this is not the case with every game. Games like CSGO can work with low and wide resolutions, but in some games, you need Clear and Sharp resolution. These games include Fortnite,ARMA and PUBG. You need a clear and sharp resolution because you need all the pixels to render. This will also help in spotting enemies from long distances. Some players who wanted wide and clear resolution made custom resolutions. In games like PUBG, there is a 1728×1080 and 1440×1080 resolution which is quite wide and very clear. However, the clarity is nowhere close to 1920×1080. The main reason why people use widescreen resolution is that the objects appear very wide and big. Thus it’s very easy to adjust the aim and shoot on wider objects. I’ll suggest trying some custom resolutions and check if it suits your playstyle or not. I’ve always been a very wide resolution fan, hence I’ve always used wide resolutions. The 1920×1080 does not suit my playstyle, because the objects appear very small to me.


This is also an important topic because over the years I’ve seen people not considering the DPI feature. First of all, you should download your mouse software, and settle your DPI to 400-800. Anything above 800 would be messy, the inconsistency in DPI above 800 is very high. Most of the professional players use either 400 or 800. The sensitivity is kinda personal preference, however, you need to adjust it looking at your mousepad. You should try playing the game with the mouse in the middle of the mousepad and see if a whole 360 rotation is possible. If it’s not, then you need to increase your sensitivity a little bit. You should also consider that sometimes you need to move your mouse pretty fast, thus utilizing the whole mousepad is very important. So any sensitivity which is kinda little high and normal at the same time would do. Most of the good players use low sensitivity, they also prefer moving their hands a lot. Low sensitivity requires a lot of space. I’ve seen some players barely using their hand to move the mouse and utilizing the whole mousepad. This is not a good thing, because with the passage of time it’ll make you very lazy. I’ll suggest that a balanced sensitivity which requires lots of movement on hand would be great. Additionally, I’d also suggest that the right sensitivity comes from experience and practice. However, most of the practice comes from proper work and teamwork.

FPS Trainers.

I’ve asked this question from many popular players on their streams. Many recommended me to play the game as much as I can. However, many also recommended me FPS Trainers. These FPS Trainers are software that provide various courses where you are able to improve your gameplay. There are different courses and practice sessions, I’d suggest taking a look at some of these trainers. Note: Before trying these trainers, always adjust your FOV/Sensitivity and everything in general. This will allow you to get the most precise and accurate experience. Some games like CSGO/PUBG have their own training mode which is completely worth it. You should also consider checking them too. Please note that I’ve personally only used KovaaK’s FPSTrainer, and it turned out to be extremely good.
KovaaK’s FPS Aim Trainer (€9.99)
Aim Hero (€4.99) (free)
3D Aim Trainer (free)

Physical Factors

If you ask any professional player about their routine, they’ll always tell you that their most fresh hours are spent playing the game. Getting good sleep is very important because your 100% focus will only come from a good sleep. Whenever you are playing any competitive game, you should know that 100% attention is required. If you are exhausted and your mind can’t focus then you shouldn’t play the game. It’s simply a waste of time, considering it only affects your game and won’t improve it. I recommend playing all games with calm, patience,  and complete focus. Sometimes, you’ll have a tough day, however, this does not mean you are bad at the game. It simply means that you are not giving full focus. Always have patience, and also consider staying calm and relax. Other factors to work with on a daily basis
~Always practice before entering a competitive match
~Do not change settings or hassle if you are having a bad day
~stick with one setting for maximum time
~Keep trying to get best
~Play with good players
~Watch Tournaments and good streamers for a better game sense
~Stay patient, calm and relax
~Work with all changes suggested in this article
~Make a timetable when you play
~Use the most active hours for gaming
~Work on your weak points
~ analyze your mistakes
~watch replays
~Keep checking your stats and update your progress
~Consider improving
~Try to compete with good players around you
~Participate in Tournaments especially LANs
~Always adjust yourself before playing
~Never hesitate or rush, always think smart
~Keep your attention and focus

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