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Division 2 Actually Becoming An Engaging Game? Review on Title Update 5

by AyyounAli

One of the most played Looter shooter in the market by Ubisoft, Division 2 released back in March of 2019 and has since been getting a sort of mixed reviews on it. Some people considering it a huge improvement over the previous installment whilst some considering the mechanics of former to be better than ones in place now.

Division 2 has just received its Biggest and Major Update since launch with story Content. Some of the Story Content such as 2 Main Missions and Expedition is available at beginning for the Year 1 Pass Holders and will be available to standard players after a week of the Update’s Launch.
Apart from Main Missions, Expeditions are going to give us the chance to go visit unexplored areas outside DC and work with different mechanics in the form of environmental treasures, treasure rooms and unique boss mechanics etc.
Other Content such as the Classified Assignment wont be Accessible to the normal players since they are Exclusive to Year 1 Pass Holders.

Content for Title Update 5

Now that Story Content is out of the way, Lets talk about the New Additions to Gameplay and Game Mechanics Changes (Potential Improvements) that have been done by Massive (A Ubisoft Studio).
For Full Patch notes Click Here.
Some Highlights:

  • New Shepard Ranking System: Giving players an incentive to Answer Backup Requests a bit more.
  • New Raid Difficulty: ‘Discovery’ Difficulty with Matchmaking added for players who want to have a significantly Easier time with the Raid but Items such as the ‘Eagle Bearer Exotic’ and Raid Gear Sets are still Exclusive to ‘Normal’ Raid Difficulty
  • Weapons & Exotics: 2 New Exotics and 2 New High End Weapons Added to the game.
    Exotics include the ‘BTSU’ Gloves which might prove to be a Vital Asset to a skill Build ( more on that later) and An Exotic Weapon called ‘Diamondback’ for which you’re going to have to wait until the three new Expeditions go live on August 6th.
    All Currently Owned Exotics of Gear Score 500 have been Automatically Set to their Max Damage Rolls ( YES!!!) and other dropped Exotics will have Their Max Base Damage Roll
    High End Weapons Include An LAMG ‘the Stoner’ has been added to the weapons Roster as well as the new Assault Rifle ‘Carbine 7’.
    The New Flashlight Mod for weapons is also a welcome Addition.
  • Skills Changes: One of The Main Focus of this update was on the Skills in the game, Many skills have been improved upon be it their Durability, their Cool-downs or their overall Damage. This Brings a fresh Breeze to the Gameplay making people focus on Builds centered around Skills more rather than just Tanky or DPS Builds. BTSU Gloves provide addition Damage and Functionalities to Skills as well makings Skills more Viable than ever.
‘BTSU’ Exotic Gloves
‘Diamondback’ Exotic Rifle

So After all these New Additions to Content and Changes in Gameplay, Is the Division Better than its state at launch? Without a Doubt Yes! and this is coming from a guy who was about to quite playing it.

But also this does not mean the game is in its perfect condition, Still some bugs persist which even though might not be game breaking, sure take Immersion out of some moments which otherwise are Great.
However, These Bugs and Loot Obtaining Issues are going to be the main focus for the Next title Update (6) for the game.

Taking the Rocky Launch of Division 1 as an Example and how the Game Improved after Each Update, Its Safe to say that Division 2 is on the Right path to becoming one of the Best looter shooter in the market.

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