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The proper way to play PUBG

by SpartaNNNN

Making a plan and working on it.

When the plane starts flying in the sky, it’s important to know your plan. You should select a specific City, where your squad would drop. Afterward, drop on a car spawn and drive to that City. Some people drop on car spawns and go far from the Plane route. It’s a very future proof way of looting and playing the rest of the game, however sometimes you will have other factors that won’t make the plan work. You should note that dropping on car spawn and going to another end of the map requires a lot of time, thus if a circle is created away from the city. It’ll leave you with very little time to loot and rotate. Coming back to my point, you should drop to a City which is big and there is an optimum danger. Afterward, you should rotate when there are 40 seconds left for the blue zone to start. Your plan should be taking the center of the circle with at least 3 vehicles. Apart from this, before you actually crash a compound, send one of your teammates to scout it for you. If he spots someone, you should consider changing the rotation to another compound, within the center. The person to make all this plan should be capable of map knowledge. There are many compounds on the map, but some of them are completely bad. They are not worth it. Next, you should rotate to another compound which is in the center. It should be fast because you need to capture the center before someone else. In situations like these, scouting is very important. You can also stay at the previous compounds, and wait for the circle to hard shift towards you. This happens when the water area is involved in the circle.
~For Map info and car spawns please visit


“Run In an unpredictable direction”
Now the movement isn’t very easy. The good movement comes from huge experience and vast game sense. However, its something that can be improved with the passage of time. When it comes to movement, you should always run in different curves pointing to a different direction. If you are running straight, it’s obvious that enemy crosshair will land easily on your player. However, if you are running in random directions all the time, the enemy will have to put a lot of effort to land his crosshair properly on you. It’s very difficult to shoot someone who is running in an unpredictable stance. The complicated move that many pro players do is, they move with random crouch in an unpredictable direction.

Movement with circles
“Go for the center, else risk at staying”
Many players prefer moving to center as circle shifts, however, I’ve noticed that some people risk staying. Well, the circle in PUBG is very unpredictable. It changes randomly. Sometimes the circle changes from the center to some edge, we call this effect a hard shift. I’d recommend rotating to the middle when circle shifts, but if the compound is good and rotation to center looks impossible. In that case, stay till next circle and rotate after it changes. If luck is on your side, the circle will close on your compound. You should also note that the circle always moves away from water, so it’s mostly North.

DMR damage stats:
Here is a quick comparison between the damage of every DMR.

WeaponBase DamageFire RateDPSTime to KillShots to Kill (Chest)Shots to Kill (Head)
Mini 14460.14600.342

What secondary gun should you use in a competitive match?

Most of the professional players use a DMR as the secondary weapon because it allows you to shoot multiple targets at once. I’ll only compare the DMRS because for Rifles the M416 and SCAR-L are simple answers. Snipers Rifle’s choice is also easy because M24 would be the best choice, however, snipers are not very common. The DMR choice is bit complicated so here are some details about them.


The SKS has a very powerful taping with fast bullet speed and sick attachments. The Gun runs on 7.62m Ammo, hence the damage is very high. The Gun supports Front Muzzle, Grips, Extended Mag, and the Cheek pad. If you are a fan of fast tapping with less recoil, I’d prefer getting the Lightweight grip and vertical grip. The gun runs best on these two grips, additionally, many pro players prefer the lightweight. The cheek pad also plays a very important role in stabilizing the gun. You can add a compensator for low recoil or suppressor for not giving up your position. The gun supports scope till 15x, however, the 8x is more than enough, considering the recoil that increases with higher scop.


The gun is the same like SKS without a grip. It has more damage and high recoil. The gun supports 7.62m Ammo with a scope support till 15x.

The bullets have medium speed, but the damage does the job if you can land the bullet. The bullet drop is rough, but it gets the job done. The gun is hard to control for beginners, but good players prefer SLR because of its high damage and fewer attachments.


This is a crate gun that runs on 7.62m Ammo. It is extremely powerful with fast bullet speed. The tapping is very good on the Mark-14. Additionally, the recoil is rough but it’s not too high. The gun has more damage than any other DMR. It’s a very destructive gun because it has the ability to run in Auto-Mode. You can attach a Red dot in a close encounter and it’ll destroy the enemy. It only takes 3-4 bullets to knock an enemy. You can also use Auto Mode on the scope if you can maintain the single fire within Auto-Mode.

The gun has the same grip standards like SLR, thus no grip needed. The gun also supports the 15x. In my opinion, it’s the best gun in the game, considering that AWM has limited bullets and this does not.


Powered by 5.56 Ammo, this gun is a complete lazer when it comes to distances. The gun has the fastest bullet in the game, it has scope support till 15x. The gun has very low recoil with very decent damage. It has the lowest damage compared to all other DMR’s. However, you can do good tapping because of its recoil. Not to forget, the gun has very accurate damage and pinpoint accuracy in vast distances because of its bullet speed. Many professional players use Mini-14 for accuracy, the gun is very fun to use on any scope. I prefer it with 8 times, considering the consistency it provides because of its recoil.

Sniper Choice
In the Snipers category, we have the M24, Kar98k, and the AWM. Kar98k and M24 can be found anywhere in the game, while the AWM is crate gun. Kar98k and M24 are very similar guns with little differences.


It’s a very powerful 7.62 sniper. The gun has a fast bullet with a good range. The damage is more than Kar98k, however, both guns are able to kill an enemy on a headshot. It has a very loud sound. The gun isn’t that common if you compare it to the Kar98k. The gun was only found in the crate during beta stages, however, PUBG decided to make it common since it has little or no differences comparing Kar98k.
Why is M24 better than Kar98k?
~ It supports an extended mag providing 7 bullets in each mag.
~ It has cheek pad support too.
~ The Gun has more range and damage.


Kar98k is a classic sniper. The gun has average damage comparing M24 and AWM. It’s very common and can be found in most places. It features the 7.62 ammo. Additionally, it has two slots that support bullet loops, cheek pad, and front muzzle.


AWM is the most powerful gun in the game. It features the .300 Magnum Ammo. AWM cannot be found in map. You can only find it in a crate. Additionally, it is a rare create gun. The AWM is the only gun in-game that can one-shot level 3 helmet. It also knocks down a person with level 1 vest on a body shot. It has the most damage comparing any gun. The only limitation on AWM is its ammo. The ammo is limited, you can only get 20 bullets. It has the best range in the game with good bullet speed. AWM follows the same attachment standards like SLR, MK-14, and the M24. The gun has a very loud gun sound, thus be careful when taking a shot. It might give your position away.

How to fights in a competitive game ( This is heading others are sub-headings)
~Patience is the key~
Now it’s very important to know when to engage in a fight. The basics are that you shoot whoever is in open or with limited cover. In a complex point, there are various aspects you should consider whenever engaging in a fight. First of all, you need to keep your ears working at best. Hearing shots from every place and marking their direction. Additionally, it’s very important to note the players who are fighting each other, after that you can compare the killings with the name. It’ll give you a rough estimate about the fight, thus most of the time it’ll allow you to third party the fights. If there is a fight going on, consider third partying them else take a good cover and wait for them to come towards you, the circle in general. In solos, the scenario is different, you take very limited chances. I only consider shooting someone, if I am sure that I’ll get them. Its do or die in solo because its just one Kar98k headshot that ends the game. Thus I don’t take any chances. Most of the time the position is what matters. I take good cover at circle edges and wait for enemies to push towards me in open. It assures me that it’s the best option, where I can kill anyone with surety. In Duos, you work like a small unit, where you push in the same direction and keep your ears at work. Its very simple in Duo, because there is one option and that is playing aggressive. It works most of the time, to be honest. Camping in Duo works out to be useless, most of the time.


After playing this game for around 3000 hours, I noticed something very basic. PUBG Allows you to peek from right or left. The Default button for peaking to right is E and for left it is Q. Actually, you can peek more to the right by default. Thus, you can watch more from the right with your body appearing less. I’ve played against some very good players, and I’ve come to a point. Never show your body full when shooting. Whenever you are shooting, always peek to the right with support to walls, trees, and windows. When you are peeking to the right, it puts the other person in a situation where he can only see the head, thus its very hard for enemies to adjust aim on small head. I’ll suggest, always take a good cover behind the obstacle you have, and peek to the right with your least body being appeared to the enemy. Here is a sample photo of how it looks from enemies Point of View (POV).

Guns (
The whole squad should use DMRS and Rifles, some good sharpshooters are allowed to equip M24 or Kar98k.


The preferred vehicles are the Dasia and 2 seater bikes. They are fast and capable of handling the damage.


If it’s the Miramar map, you should all wear Yellow or saturated clothes, because many players play with high saturation. Thus, it’s very difficult to spot someone with saturated clothes.
Green clothes if Erangel and Sanhok. White clothes if Vikendi. Everyone should avoid wearing shoes, thus enemies footsteps would be accurate for all teammates

I prefer using the 3 to 1 formation, whenever you on foot and rotation. The alone person does scouting and watches back. The 2-2 split is extremely common, where each duo holds a compound and does rotation like a unit.

What factors refer to good players? (its a new heading and below this are subheadings)

This is a pretty common question. Many people question me about other good players. They often ask about factors that make him a better player than me. Well, the answer isn’t too hard. A lot of good PUBG Players play day and night to get better. However, the answer to this question requires attributes associated with good players, Hence I’ll answer them briefly.

Spray Control

Spray control is the most basic factor that makes you a good player. We are talking about Spray control with precision and accuracy. 60% players in PUBG Can spray with a Red Dot or Holographic. How many can spray with 4x/6x?. Good players can drag their mouse to control an accurate spray. They can do that with scopes too. A Spray on 4x and 6x is very deadly, it is the game on another level. The other person is trying to tap you, while you launch a spray at him. The 4x spray is also effective in medium ranges, the game looks just too easy when you are able to control a 4x spray. My tip would be to start learning 4x and 6x spray. It’s not too difficult, you just need the right grip and control over the mousepad. You need to drag down your mousepad from the start of the first bullet. Additionally, you also need Vertical or Half grip, which can lower down the recoil too. Practice makes everyone perfect, so keep trying.

This is the most important factor. It’s all-natural, to be honest. The good players always wait patiently, some of them are really good at reading the game. They do not panic or rush, their method is staying calm and relax. It mostly works, because it pressurizes the enemy. He keeps on pointing at one window, while the other player keeps repeeking from different windows. Players with patience have good temperament towards the game, they learn from their mistakes. I’ve seen many players who would play all day without a plan. They end up losing all the games, why? Because they are not focusing, they have lost their patience. I recommend all new players to stay calm, and play with patience. Good PUBG Players do not rush or wait for an instant result. All the result comes from effort and practice. I’d suggest understanding the situation and making a short plan to tackle it. All the fight engagements in PUBG are easy to tackle, you just need quick thinking.

Approach towards game

Many players die in PUBG, however, they don’t consider learning from their mistakes. This is what differs the good players from the weak. They have Elite Mentality with a realistic approach. Good players die and analyze their game. They work on their mistakes and start from scratch. Most of them get an instant result, but some of them take time to learn. I played PUBG for 3000 hours, but a lot of struggle in start had me motivated. I realized some time later, that we need to analyze our mistakes from replays and work on them. It turned out to be very effective and helpful. I was able to communicate with my squad about our mistakes and we kept that in mind before entering the next game. Bingo! We never made that mistake again and chicken dinners were rolling.

Learning new things

I learned a lot of exciting tricks from streamers. However, some of them were not working out. I took this into consideration, afterward, I participated in many tournaments. Later, the FACEIT beta came out which changed everything. We were competing with good players which taught us a lot of lessons. I learned most of the stuff from competitive players, who had the same passion as me towards PUBG.
I played FACEIT almost daily, later I was perfect at anything. I knew most of the factors and their effects. The game was too simple for me. However, my teammates who had the same experience as me never understood what I said. The main reason, why they never understood my idea was because they had never played FACEIT and Tournaments. Now a competitive player has a lot of knowledge, other players with the same hours won’t have that knowledge.

I suggest playing FACEIT and participating in numerous tournaments that you come across.

Additional tips

Watch PUBG Leagues ( Tournaments ).
Learn about the car spawns and ditches
Collect more info about the game
Watch PUBG Report for replays against streamers
Play with good players, who are on par with you
Make a plan before dropping out of the plane.
Understand every engagement and tackle it accordingly
Do not repeek from same places, always peek from different windows to confuse the enemy
Keep trying new things in the game, ex grips, guns and plans.
Communicate point to point and focus on the game
Do not lose patience over cheeky players
Watch pro players on twitch ( jeemz, ibiza, Braexcok ItzChriz, ubah, Recrent and mxey)

Compare your stats with other players

Keep checking your last match stats on PUBG.op

Do Warmup In training mode before getting in a real game
Play War Mode Regularly

Analyze your mistakes and improve them!

Work with these factors and I am sure that the Chicken Dinners will start happening!

PUBG is now also expected to Join Switch, so more hype!

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