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Upcoming VR Game by Respawn set to release next month

by SpartaNNNN

Respawn announced this unnamed game back in 2017. Afterward, little or no details were shared by Respawn. However, in a recent blog post( ), Respawn mentioned about upcoming VR game which will be revealed this year at Oculus connect. The event will be held at the end of September this year. Additionally, the demo would also be available at Oculus connect.

The unnamed VR game is actually developed by Respawn, however, the game will be published by Oculus Studios. Hence, this will be Oculus exclusive. Respawn described this game as Triple-AAA first-person combat title in their teaser video.

Respawn has had quite a success in their previous games. They are the developers behind Titanfall, Titanfall2, Apex Legends, and upcoming Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. It’ll be the first VR game developed by them let’s see what they can make.

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