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Home Console Infinity ward main focus is not Battle Royale says, design director

Infinity ward main focus is not Battle Royale says, design director

by Aftab Ahmed

A lot of fans have been asking whether Call of Duty Modern Warfare will have a battle royale or not. Well, that question hasn’t yet been answered.

But in an interview with IGN design director Joe Cecot, whether it would and he replied that though the designers are “big fans of battle royale” that’s not what they’re working on. “We’re excited for large player counts and things like that, but right now we’re really focused on core multiplayer.” Which is not a definitive no, but suggests it might be on the backburner.

“We really focused on Modern Warfare, authentic and gritty, realistic weapons, and it’s a different experience. It’s really…just about pulling back to Modern Warfare and keeping that pure,” Cecot said.

The Battle Royale mode was introduced in the last debut by Call of Duty black ops 4 named blackout.

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