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Solo mode for Apex legends coming soon

by Aftab Ahmed

Matching up with complete strangers in a common thing if you don’t have friends online or friends who don’t want to play with you ( i feel sad saying this :/ ) And a lot of the times you are matched up with complete idiots who don’t like to play as a team or are complete morons.

Well guess what those days are long over, the folks at Respawn are testing solo mode and it will be up and running by next Thursday meaning 13 August 2k19. Solo’s won’t be officially added just a 2 week-long event known as “The Iron Crown Collection Event.” It will end August 27 by the looks of it Respawn wants to get the statistics on how much people play in the solo mode and is it worth it as a permanent feature. Apart from Apex all the other top tier battle royale like Fortnite and PUBG offer solo mode.

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