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Rockstar Game launcher is here with a free game

by Aftab Ahmed

Well almost everyone these day’s has their own game launcher so I guess the folks at Rockstar thought why shouldn’t we have our own. Then again even with profit sharing etc with Steam store and others they did make the most profitable game.

Rockstar recently launched their own game launcher with a freebie game a classic as free if you install the launcher you get a free copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Well, I don’t know about other but from the looks of it, Rockstar is pretty serious and interested in PC gaming by investing so much in a luncher that maybe maybe Red Dead Redemption might be around the corner also. You’ll need to sign in with your Rockstar Social Club login, which you’ll already have if you played GTA 5 on PC .

Currently, you can post photos, videos, and jobs, as well as looking for new crews, all of which could possibly be done via the launcher.  So Download the launcher from the Rockstar website.

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