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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 massive update called “Dark Divide ” released.

by SpartaNNNN

As we wait for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Activision just dropped a massive update for Call of Duty Black Ops 4. The Season 6 update is called “Dark Divide” and it features tons of content. The Update is currently live on PS4, the PC and Xbox users will get it next week.

A new game mode called “Heavy Metal Heroes” is introduced. The mode features intensive combat battle between armored ARAVS, ATVS, Motorcycles, and Tanks. More features include the Thrust Jumping, which has been brought back from Black Ops 3. Players will also get Infinite Grapple, Level 2 armour, and a daemon 3xb as they spawn. The gears will downgrade as players die, so you expect to end up with Level 1 armour and SMGS. Furthermore, there are many minor features introduced too. If you end up killing another squad, you will get to know the players you killed from that specific squad. This will help to differentiate between squads and players.

The introduction of Tank is very exciting because there is a lot about it. It’s very deadly and can destroy anything. It has the capacity to carry one passenger, who will get to use the Machine gun. The tank is only available in Heavy Metal Heroes mode, and it might be temporary.

The vehicles can be called with the help of a flare gun. The flare gun will call an airdrop for these destructive vehicles to your position. This feature is somewhat similar to that of PUBG.

Changes in Zombie Mode.
Two new weapons are added, the Savage Impaler and Winter’s Fury. Additionally, the Blaze phase, two new elixirs of power vacuum and secret shopper are added. The Blaze phase will allow players to run in a straight path between Zombies.

The Secret shopper with Elixir will allow players to buy tons of ammo for any equipped gun, including wonder weapons. You will get Ten minutes of time after activating it. The power vacuum feature will allow players to increase the drop rate for all power-ups. After using an Elixir, you will get 5minutes until it keeps boosting.

The “Tag Der Toten” final Chapter of Zombie Aether Storyline is also released in pass. Additionally, a new map called Liar is also part of it. More content about the update can be seen here in detail by Activision Blog.

It is good to see that Activision is also working on other games apart from the upcoming Modern Warfare. This update is bringing a lot of content with exciting things like new mode, pass and a lot of features.

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