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Call of Duty mobile has a tight grip on exploiters

by Aftab Ahmed

Call of Duty Mobile has a pretty big and loyal fan base it being free and most people in lockdown need to do something so it’s on the top trending list also.

The big audience brings all kinds of people to the game including those who like to exploit games like use hacks etc so the folks at Call of Duty have a simple no tolerance policy you cheat you will be banned. They said that “We don’t want cheaters in our game, and we don’t want them ruining your experience, manipulating our systems, and destroying the balance of the game,” the team said. “If we see cheating we will enforce on it with our [Call of Duty Mobile] Security & Enforcement Policy in mind.”

The anti cheat and other minor offenses system is tiered based system details can be seen on activision support page. They also said if you were banned unfairly please feel free to contact they will unban you if it’s unfair. They are working on a system for unfair ban requests in the game but currently the only way to do that is by contacting support.

The community update was shared on the official subreddit with a few other things announced also like what’s coming soon and about the bugs which are fixed etc. They introduced free for all mode but said “Free For All for a while now was no longer being utilized enough to keep it as a permanent core mode so we’ve cycled it back in with the limited time modes. If you are truly passionate about it becoming a permanent core mode again then just make sure to play it as much as you can once it returns on April 17th”

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