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Call of Duty Warzone hackers can expect a pretty good gift when they are caught

by Aftab Ahmed

Call of Duty Warzone has been getting a lot of player base due to the fact it being free and people in lockdown wanting to do something naturally that gather quite a few hackers.

First, they did massive bans till now 70,000 people have been banned. The hackers were so many on pc that consoles users disabled the crossplay feature to avoid them. And the folks at Call of Duty have made a perfect punishment for hackers. If a person is caught hacking he will be thrown with other hackers in a match and then you can try out who has the better aimbot or wallhack.

I love this idea TBH it will curb down a lot of hackers and discourage players from doing this. This was revealed in the last patch of Warzone

But don’t worry that’s not all they are working on an in-game system to report players and working on improving their security measures further. Let’s see if someone hacks dearly and we get to watch some awesome content of hackers facing each other that would be awesome.

If you find any videos dont forget to comment below we would love to share them on our facebook with credits.

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