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Epic game store introduces local prices in a few countries

by Aftab Ahmed

Epic game store has been working hard to attract userbase and increase its presence in the market by offering a lot of incentives for game developers and a few for gamers also. It got Ubisoft onboard exclusively with a few others also.

Now getting back to the topic epic game store launched local prices in a few countries like AUD, CAD, DKK, NOK, and SEK. They said in an official tweet.

The regional pricing exapmple is Borderlands 3 which is $60 in US Dollar, $83.26 in Canadian Dollar and $91.48 Australian Dollar.

What to expect next in the store ?

The Roadmap shared by Epic games shows what to expect in the coming days the few things are Storefront will get trending feature, moding for games which support them, now you can apply for a refund by self-service, offline sign in, addon discovery and achievements system. Apart from these updates, there is quite a detailed roadmap listed.

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