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‘Civilization 6’ The next big Epic games mystery game?

by Uzair Ahmed
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Whenever we hear about Epic Games, the one thing that instantly pops up in our minds, yes you guessed it right, ‘Fortnite’. which is a huge franchise now with millions of active players. However, Epic Games has been trying really hard to compete against the much-loved game store ‘Steam’ and they just might have found their breakthrough.

On May, 16th 2020 Epic games announced GTA 5 premium edition as their mystery game which could be claimed until 21st May for FREE. This news spread like wildfire and millions of people rushed to the Epic games launcher which resulted in the crashing of their servers.

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The 7-year-old game still to date is much loved by the people which was proved by the last week’s giveaway from the epic store. Millions of people claimed it for free, which just shows the quality of the game.

Epic Games has announced that they will drop a mystery game every Thursday until their Mega sale lasts. The first mystery game was GTA 5 and now rumors have it that their next big mystery game could be Sid Meier’s Civilization VI which can teach you more about history than your history teacher ever could.

Civilization is the kind of game in which one does not just spend hours and days but weeks and months. You can choose the origin of your civilization i.e. Romans, British, Chinese, US, etc, and start from the very beginning of the stone age, you can further research and expand your civilization to get to the top of the ladder which is the modern age. This game is insanely addictive and easy to play which will make you fall in love with it.

Overview of the game

Is civilization 6 the next big mystery game? I guess we will find that out in a couple of hours. On a lighter note all these sales and give away mean only one thing, epic games wants to compete with steam neck to neck. However epic games is still pretty far from being as good as steam any time soon.

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